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"★★★ This application is 100% FREE & EASY to use ★★★This free android application will provide you with awesome tutorial to start learning and practicing boxing Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a professional.This free guide will help you to Learn to defend yourself, dodge your opponents, become a champion and keep your mind clear.This application includes:* Exercises and lessons of all kinds: technical, tactical, physical, specific and strategic, and beginner exercises.* Repetitive exercises and techniques to improve your boxing skills like the right punch, transverse punch and vertical punch.* Boxing Footwork Strategy * Defense techniques * Boxing RuleFEATURES OF THIS APP:★ Easy to use (one click app)★ User friendly interface★ Offline version (no internet connection required▶ ▶ ▶ We are open for any suggestion Please rate us with 5 Stars, Thank you ◀ ◀ ◀"